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The Versatility of Sequins

The Versatility of Sequins

The Versatility of Sequins

A lot of people shy away from buying or wearing sequin pieces because they feel it’s extremely hard to style. Actually, this is very far from the truth. As long as you have the right styling tips (which we’ll be sharing in this post), styling sequins can be very easy. Sequins happen to be versatile enough to fit into different style aesthetics and social scenes.

Tips for Wearing Sequins

We can’t write a post about sequins without leaving you with a few tips to help you when putting together your sequin-based outfits:

  • Try to keep your outfit to the maximum of one sequin piece. If you’ll be wearing two sequin pieces, make sure they don’t touch each other.
  • Opt for dark sequins, as they are less flashy and you still get all the glam.
  • Keep your makeup at minimum, so you don’t look too glittery.
  • With a central sequin piece, you don’t need accessories like a necklace, huge earrings, or a bracelet.

Sequin Outfit Ideas

Sequin Skirt + Plain Shirt + Matching Pumps: With the sequin skirt as the central piece, pick a solid-colored shirt and matching pumps to go with it. This get-up is great for semi-formal occasions such as a meet-up with colleagues or an office party.

Sequin Dress + Leather Jacket/Blazer: Tone down the glitz and glam of a sequin dress with a blazer or a leather jacket. The aesthetic created by mixing the two textures of the sequin and the leather or the material of the blazer is absolutely beautiful.

Sequin top + denim + sneakers: This might come as a surprise to you, but it’s possible to make a sporty look with a sequin piece. With the right pair of jeans and sneakers, you can transform something as glitzy and girly as a sequin top to a sporty get up. 

Sequin top + flared skirt + sandals: If you’re in search of a casual look for a date or time out with friends, this combo is a great option. 

Incorporating sequins into your everyday wear doesn’t have to be an Herculean task,and after reading this post, we’re sure you now agree. 


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