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Summer Basics

Summer Basics That are anything but BASIC!

Summer Basics That Are Anything But Basic!

When it comes to summer fashion, experimenting and having fun with your clothes is great but you should also have some basics in your wardrobe that you can pull out every year! New trends come and go but if you’ve got the basics sorted then you’ll have a good base for any outfit so you always look good!Here are some summer basics that are far from basic but perfect for any closet!

Stylish wedges for all occasions

Instead of opting for a flat sandal, why not go for a wedge? A favourite in Parisian inspired summer looks, espadrille wedges are a great option as they look good but they’re comfortable too. For everyday wear go for something with a low to mid-sized heel, and for summer parties and holidays choose a wedge that’s a little higher. With cute ties that wrap around your ankle, you’ll look effortlessly stylish year after year.

Amazing maxi dresses

When the weather is sunny or you’re on holiday, the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours finding an outfit. Maxi dresses should be a summer basic in every wardrobe, not only are they flattering for every body type but they’re elegant and classic. Each season, the best designers bring out some amazing maxi dresses that you can get your hands on. Floaty and floral or bodycon and bold, you’ll instantly have a put-together outfit when you slip on a maxi dress.

Beautiful accessories

If you want to boost a plain outfit then you need show-stopping accessories. Adding a statement bag to your look can create a pop of colour and summer is the perfect time to do it! Bags might not seem like the basics you need, but they’re an important part of your outfit. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful pom pom beach bag or an everyday bag with a bit of a twist, you should have a selection of summer bags in your wardrobe that you rock when the sun is out.

Summer basics don’t have to be boring. But with the right items, you can mix and match pieces and create a capsule wardrobe that continues to look great every year!

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