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/ Style Edits / Brands that Cater to Extended/Plus Sizes in Women Fashion
Brands that Cater to Extended/Plus Sizes in Women Fashion

Brands that Cater to Extended/Plus Sizes in Women Fashion

Brands that Cater to Extended/Plus Sizes in Women Fashion

Brands that Cater to Bigger Sizes in Women 

Plus-sized clothes and fashion have come a long way. Gone are the days when clothes and shoes for bigger women were shapeless pieces without any effort to be flattering or complimentary to the wearers. Now, however, there is a plethora of designers and brands that cater to plus-sized women.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring a number of brands that have great offerings for plus-sized women. From brands that are exclusive to bigger women to brands that have options for bigger women in addition to straight-sized women, you’d love the brands listed in this article as a plus-sized women.

Eloquii: This brand is exclusively for plus-sized women. It landed in 2014 and since then, they’ve been providing exquisite clothes for plus-sized women. They stock work clothes, swimsuits, casual clothes, and even glam evening dresses. Their size options range from 14-28.

Girlfriend Collective: This brand has so many pros, and it is great for plus-sized women on search of activewear. They have size offerings, ranging to 6X. clothes from Girlfriend Collective are great for athleisure, running errands, and working out. The brand also heavily invests in environmental sustainability, and their clothes are made from environment-friendly materials.

Anthropologie: This is a brand that creates amazing clothes for pus-sized women of sizes 14 to 26. They offer plus-sized clothes online and also in some of their stores. They also offer free returns on plus-sized clothes when you order from their online store. The range they have available for plus-sized clothes is wide, and almost every piece in recent collections have a plus-size option. You can find casual, formal, sporty, and glam plus-sized pieces from Anthropologie.

Dressbarn: For a slew of dresses for different occasions such as work, dinner, parties, and dates, Dressbarn is where to go. These dresses are great and super complimentary for plus-sized women.

Eleanor Anukam: Apart from dresses, tops, and activewear, it is important to shop for bigger size shoes as well. Eleanor caters to women with big feet. With provision for sizes 9-13, the shoes are stunning and gorgeous.

As a plus-sized woman, you’d do yourself a lot of good to expand your wardrobe with items from these amazing brands.

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